All about Elle

20130728-220643.jpgWelcome to Elle Ever After…….

This page is all about my journey to a ‘happily ever after’, consisting of ‘Oz and NZ’ travel writing, some inspiring quotes, poetry of sorts and some ‘vegetarian healthy elle’ writing thrown in for good measure. Oh, and of course – what it is to return to ‘normal life’ after travelling alone for a year!!

My blogs will now mostly consist of my style of poetry, my on-going battle with trying to be a vegetarian (well 80%…..of the time), a few ‘instagrammed’ photos and some UK home travel!! My poetry tends to cover my thoughts on ‘normality’, loving being completely new to and lost in a ‘relationship’, fighting those ever lasting self-critical thoughts and my delight at being the happiest I have ever been!!


Elle’s origins 2013…..

Elleeverafter emerged from the mind of a 31 year old – a daughter, primary school teacher, traveller, friend, auntie, dog owner and all round chatterbox. I reached the point of realisation that I had amazing family and friends, but was without my own house, car (finance…), boyfriend/husband, child/children, and worked I too hard. So I sacked it all in, saved up, and left the UK with a one way flight.20130728-220628.jpg

I discovered that when travelling the world alone, its not as easy as first thought to chat properly to friends and family back home (time difference), or share thoughts with new friends (You’re on holiday!! Lighten up!! Learn some small talk!!)
So I started writing it down. I ended up with a blog ‘My Whereabouts’ on Face Book, only visible to those who I invited (I didn’t want to be ‘THAT’ girl who boasted of her travels while all at home carried on with normality.) But it spiralled, and soon friends were asking if I would invite their friends as they all wanted to read about my shenanigans. Then I started writing ‘poetry’. In other words, my feelings about what I was doing, how I felt about being on my own, losing my Dad to a heart attack the year before, being single, the lot.


20130827-181925.jpgBy the time I thought of putting it all together, I had photos in a sky drive, the blog on Face book, Poems on email, and reviews on my phone. So even if this is just for me, it will be all together.

I now have added more about travelling on my own, how I am attempting to be healthy, a few reviews on places to stay/eat/visit, films I’ve watched or books I’ve read while travelling.

Almost a year on since I started it, I have found my self back in Manchester, with a completely different out look on life, a lovely new man and quite a bit if debt from all those dollars spent on coffee and red wine. So where it will go from here? Let’s see.


20130703-215104.jpgIf you read this and find yourself in it, please know that I asked everyone on Facebook whether they would mind being mentioned – and to contact me if not. This blog was previously on Facebook, and so most people I know will have already had access to it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels and class everyone on here as friends- I would never intentionally write anything that would offend. I have taken some events or names out or limited them to initials and will not include any photos of anyone but myself, unless permission is given. If you would like anything taking out that mentions you, please contact me. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy. Xxx

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